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Indianapolis Apostolic Christian Church

Nursery Monitors

04.05.16 | Administration | by Kristen Hoerr

    Monitor use
    - iPods are located in the nursery upper cabinets (cabinet labeled). They are labeled by room number.
    - If you are the first one there that day, verify that the power is on the black box in the cabinet. This powers all the cameras. The cameras may need a minute or 2 to power on.
    - Open the “Mipc” app on the bottom left hand side of the iPod screen
    - Click on “sign in” if it does not automatically sign in. User name and password should be remembered. (see password list if necessary)
    - A thumbnail clip of the camera will appear. Tap on this screen. It should open larger and you will see the crib.
    - Sound: Tap the audio icon for sound (quality is low and will pick up sound machine noise).
    - NOTE: The microphone button will allow your child to hear you (or background noise) in the sleeping room. Make sure there is a diagonal line through the microphone.
    - RETURN iPod to the charging dock and close the MIPC app when you are finished with the room so it can fully recharge.

    - There is a time delay ranging from 1 – 15 seconds, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your child right away.
    - Verify that the iPod has wifi signal. If not, go into settings/ wifi - choose IndyACC
    - Make sure cameras are powered on by turning power on to black box in cabinet.
    - You can unplug the cable and re-plug it in for the specific camera you are using.
    - If the screen shows a red dot and says ‘’the end’’ beside it, the camera is not sending a signal.
    - You can always select the ‘’back’’ button and arrow and it will take you back to the list to click on the camera.
    - Try closing the app and re-entering.  (To close the app, press the round button on the bottom of the ipod twice, quickly. You will see a row of open apps appear at the bottom of the screen. Hold your finger down on one of the app icons for several seconds, until you see a red “x” appear in the corner of the apps. Click on the “x” to close the app. Press the round button on the bottom again to return to the home screen.)
    - iPod screens are set to autolock after 3 minutes. You can change this in settings to “never” if you want to be able to constantly see your child. This will drain the battery.
    - Each iPod should be named with the corresponding Room #, so you can find this in Settings/General/ About/Name