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Indianapolis Apostolic Christian Church

MyIndyAC Offerings

03.14.15 | Website | by Leann Banwart

    There are three main sections to this portion of the website (top right hand corner):

    MyIndyAC Info - This area contains the current "Greetings from Indy" message from Ken. You can find lunch serving instructions, safety guidelines, Sunday School Roster, Committees and other information. Feel free to use the search box and filters as all articles are listed by date (current first).

    Member Directory - Here you can find our (currently attending) church family's pictures, address and other information. There is an option to print the directory if you desire.

    Member Calendar - Here you can find a detailed calendar including special events, object lesson duties, nursery duties, lunch serving duties, etc.

    Please email  with corrections, updates and additions to the calendar, procedures or any other items that would benefit our congregation.