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Indianapolis Apostolic Christian Church


Lunch Serving Instructions

11.04.17 | Administration | by Doreen Leuthold

    Lunch Serving Details     


    • Unlock double doors at carport using Allen Wrench located by the Alarm Security System which allows the doors to remain unlocked
    • Unlock back doors by the Sunday School area using the Allen Wrench
    • The kitchen door should NOT be unlocked, prop open while loading and unloading only.
    • Turn on all lights including the sanctuary
    • Turn on the main coffee machine switch which heats the element
      • It takes 20 minutes for the element to preheat
      • The light on the upper right-hand side will illuminate when the heating is complete
      • See the coffee maker instructions in drawer below the coffee machine for complete brewing details
    • Turn on dishwasher by 11:00 so it can start heating up if you plan to use
    • Check the dryer, located in the janitors closet in the back hallway near the Sunday School area, for any clean towels for fold and put away. The key to get in the closet should be left in the door of the janitor’s closet.  If it not in the door, another key can be located in the kitchen storage room marked janitor. 
    • Set up 2 long white tables in the Dining Room to be used for buffet serving that will then be moved to foyer area when ready to start the lunch hour.
    • Be sure and put stacks of plates on tables
    • 3 serving tables should be set up if anticipating a larger crowd (weddings, Outreach etc.)
    • Place a cart with antibacterial cloths, bucket of warm water and 4 extra trashbags by the trashcans in front of the Dining Room to be used for clean up 

    Dining Room Tables

    • Each table row has 2 men’s tables and 1 women’s table
    • Set the table with 10 water glasses/napkins on the men’s table and a water glass/napkin at each seat of the women’s table
    • Include a small stack of coffee cups and water glasses at the ends of the tables for additional seating
    • 1 coffee carafe, 1 water pitcher and 1 milk pitcher per table
      • The men’s tables should have one on each of the two tables
      • All beverage containers are in the cabinet to the right of the coffee machine
    • 1 hot water carafe per women’s table and 1 per pair of tables on the men’s side, which is placed at the center of the two men’s tables
    • We have one container per table for Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Hot Sauce, Tea, Sugar and Creamer. Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard and Hot Sauce refills are located in the island cabinet.  Tea, Sugar, and Creamer refills are located beside the cabinet next to the microwave.  The container with all the condiments stays on the tables each week along with the napkin holders.


    • Instructions are in the drawer directly beneath the coffee machine
    • Coffee is located in the cabinet beneath the coffee machine

    Additional Items

    • All bowls for relishes, chips, crackers, pretzels, etc. are located in the cabinets next to the refrigerators and the cabinets under the service window
    • Plastic wrap, Ziploc bags, extra paper towels and plastic gloves are located in the drawers underneath the service window on the left side
    • Cutting boards are located in the right drawer beneath the service window
    • Silverware and dish cloths are located in the drawers to the right of the main kitchen sink
    • Serving utensils, knives, kitchen scissors, etc. are located in the drawer in the island opposite of the kitchen sink

    End of Lunch Period

    Suggestion that the family serving lunch should eat lunch prior to 11:00 am to ensure that buffet tables remained stocked and cleanup of buffet tables can start at 11:30.

    Serving tables should be cleaned up, put away and foyer area swept with traditional vacuum starting at 11:30. These tasks should be carried out by the family that is serving lunch and then the ushers can begin the evacuation process at 11:45

    • Make sure all the tables and high chairs are wiped down. Some of the high chairs may need to be tipped and shaken out
    • We use the antibacterial cloths to clean the tables. The cloths, bucket of water and extra trash bags will be on the cart by the trash cans in the front of the dining room.
    • The persons that are serving should prepare the cart with the above items and place the cart before the lunch hour.
    • Lunch room floor should be vacuumed. The vacuums are located behind the furnace in the kitchen closet.  This is the door next to the small sink.
    • All coffee carafes and hot water carafes need to be rinsed and dried
    • All dishes need to be washed and put back in cabinets
    • Counter tops need to be cleared and cleaned
    • Clean the coffee machine. Please see the instructions located in the drawer beneath the coffee machine
    • Clean the gathering room and patio area
    • It is your responsibility to find around 10-12 people to assist with cleanup. Below is a helpful template for how to use your volunteers:
      • 2 men to vacuum
      • 3-4 women to wash and dry dishes
      • 1 to wash coffee, hot water carafes, and coffee machine
      • 2 to clean tables and high chairs
      • 3 people to help put food away
    • Take dishtowels home to launder and return the following Sunday
      • We now have a washer and dryer at the church and it is located in the back hallway across from the Church Office. It is in the old Janitor’s closet
      • If you use the church washer and dryer, please be sure to THROW THE TOWELS IN THE DRYER BEFORE YOU GO HOME after second service. Please DO NOT leave wet towels in the washer all week
    • If you used the dishwasher, the instructions are located in the cabinet next to the dishwasher. The dishwasher must be drained and shut off before leaving.

    Close of Afternoon Service

    • Collect all trash from the kitchen, bathrooms, nursery, Sunday School rooms, Gathering Room, and room next to gathering room. People have been eating in these rooms and putting their plates in these trash cans.  Dispose of trash in dumpster.  Trash bags for the kitchen and nursery are located under the small sink.  Trash bags for the bathrooms are in the cabinet in each of the bathrooms. 
    • Make sure all doors are locked and alarm has been turned on

    If you notice any items that need to be replenished, please let the Head Kitchen Committee member know.