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Indianapolis Apostolic Christian Church

Guidelines for Church Building Use

08.01.15 | Administration | by John Sauder

    The use of the Apostolic Christian Church facility is limited to wholesome, Godly activities and functions compatible with sound Biblical teachings. All activities are to be properly chaperoned and conducted in a manner honorable to God.

    General Rules and Guidelines:

    1. Supervision by an adult over the age of 18 years actively attending the Indy AC Church
    2. All activities are to fit with the Mission above.
    3. Activities qualifying would be family activities, or use by nonprofit organizations that are supported by a brother or sister of the Indy church and there is an Indy church member present during the building use. Reservations must be made and are subject to review.
    4. Proper attire is to be worn.
    5. Clean up is the responsibility of the user…..please report any damage or problems to the Kitchen Committee Chair or Trustee.
    6. All personal materials left behind will be disposed of, please make sure you take your things with you when you leave.
    7. Reservations: all scheduling is to be coordinated with the trustee assigned to inside maintenance. Check the church website for current calendar. Church activities will always receive priority over personal use.
    8. Thermostats in the building are programed to heat or cool the building for church services. If using the building outside of those times, ask a trustee for instruction on how to override the settings.
    9. Consider making a donation to the Indy Apostolic Christian Church in order to help defray costs of utilities and supplies.

    Checklist when using the kitchen/dining area:

    1. Sweep and vacuum before leaving. Wipe up spots in kitchen as needed.
    2. Empty trash cans into dumpster outside. Do not overflow the dumpsters. Replace liners in trash cans.
    3. In restrooms, empty waste baskets and replace liners. Make sure all toilets are flushed.
    4. Make sure all countertops and sinks are wiped down. Kitchen and bathrooms.
    5. Wash and dry towels and dishcloths in the washer/dryer at church if time allows. Otherwise, take home and return clean towels promptly.
    6. Check to make sure no personal items are left behind.
    7. Return all tables and chairs back to where you found them.
    8. Wipe off any spills from stove, refrigerator, etc. Make sure food is not left in refrigerator/freezer.
    9. Turn off all lights that you turned on.
    10. Please lock and shut tightly all doors prior to leaving – esp. kitchen door and back door.

    Process to Request Building Use

    After reading through the guidelines and checking the building calendar on the private section (MyIndyAC) of, contact the head trustee with the date, time, and purpose. Assuming everything meets the guidelines, they will submit a request to put the reservation on the calendar. If a church event would arise and conflict with the building use, the church event would take priority. One example would be a funeral.