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Indianapolis Apostolic Christian Church


Fire Procedures

10.06.14 | Administration | by Leann Banwart

    In the event of a fire alarm during a church service, the following procedures are to be followed:

    1. The services will be interrupted and the congregation notified of the alarm. The service will then proceed until further information or instructions are given.
    2. Ushers and any Fire Department personnel present will investigate to see if in fact there is any sign of smoke or fire in the alarm zone (the alarm panel should not be reset, only the audible alarm silenced).
    3. If it is determined that the building should be evacuated, instructions will be given over the pulpit, to the Sunday school, and the nursery regarding evacuation. The nearest fire exit route from any specific location should be utilized.
    4. The congregation should evacuate the church in a calm, orderly, and quick fashion. Ministers, trustees, ushers and any other able bodied adults should assist aged or infirmed in the evacuation process.
    5. Parents should follow the evacuation procedures and not go to the Sunday school to find their children.
    6. Upon exiting the building and checking the surroundings, if possible proceed to the fire pit northwest of the parking lot. This is the suggested meeting place for all groups.
    7. No one should move any vehicles in the parking lot as this may interfere with the movement of fire apparatus.

    Revised 7/2014