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    Nursery Monitors

    04.05.16 | Administration | by Kristen Hoerr

    Monitor use- iPods are located in the nursery upper cabinets (cabinet labeled). They are labeled by room number. - If you are the first one there that day, verify that the power is on the black box in the cabinet. This powers all the...

      Guidelines for Church Building Use

      08.01.15 | Administration | by John Sauder

      The use of the Apostolic Christian Church facility is limited to wholesome, Godly activities and functions compatible with sound Biblical teachings. All activities are to be properly chaperoned and conducted in a manner honorable to God. General...

        Small Group Locations

        10.30.14 | Administration | by Leann Banwart

        Small Groups Small groups consisting of families, couples and individuals meet throughout the week in different locations around Indianapolis. These groups are a chance to meet outside of church during the week and develop friendships with...

          Fire Procedures

          10.06.14 | Administration | by Leann Banwart

          In the event of a fire alarm during a church service, the following procedures are to be followed: The services will be interrupted and the congregation notified of the alarm. The service will then proceed until further information or...