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    Sending out an email

    03.21.15 | Website | by Leann Banwart

    Please follow the below instructions to send out a message to the congregation. We utilize Mailchimp to distribute emails; therefore, please do include attachments with your email as they will not be able to be attached to your email to the...

      MyIndyAC Offerings

      03.14.15 | Website | by Leann Banwart

      There are three main sections to this portion of the website (top right hand corner): MyIndyAC Info - This area contains the current "Greetings from Indy" message from Ken. You can find lunch serving instructions, safety guidelines, Sunday...

        Small Group Locations

        10.30.14 | Administration | by Leann Banwart

        Small Groups Small groups consisting of families, couples and individuals meet throughout the week in different locations around Indianapolis. These groups are a chance to meet outside of church during the week and develop friendships with...

          Fire Procedures

          10.06.14 | Administration | by Leann Banwart

          In the event of a fire alarm during a church service, the following procedures are to be followed: The services will be interrupted and the congregation notified of the alarm. The service will then proceed until further information or...